Monday, April 22, 2013

Revamping Furniture

I discovered this vintage stool in my grandmother's basement (seems to be the origin of all my crafts). I adored the worn painting on the stool, but it did not match the vibrant colors in my room. I desired a look that was bold, but not offensive. Despite this vision, I did not really plan out the process for this craft. It seemed to just fall together.

The story of the construction of the stool: I was at Lowe's and found a shelf filled with sample paints for $1.50. I couldn't pass up the steal, so I just picked out my favorite color (out of three options). My mom threw out the idea of covering the flat surface with a piece of wallpaper. Off to the wallpaper store we went! We came across a lovely piece of wallpaper; however, you could only purchase it by the roll ($150...yikes). When the employee saw the disappointment on my face, she ran behind the counter and cut the sample in half. Then she handed it to me with a wink and disappeared into the store. I was thankful for her generosity and thrilled for the free addition to my craft! My total remained at $1.50. We headed to AC Glass Company (specialize in glass cutting), where they were able to cut a piece of glass to perfectly fit my stool. The glass was $12. My grand total = $13.50 and one trendy bedside table.

What you need:
- Electric sander
- Paint
- Paint finish (glaze)
- Sample of wallpaper
- Double sided tap
- Glass
- Glass bumper pads

1. Sand away!!! Wear protection on your eyes (sunglasses) and mouth (mask) - especially when sanding old pieces of furniture
2. Sand until the surfaces are smooth and free of the original paint
3. Add 2 to 3 coats of paint (let dry in between)
4. Add a paint finish for safekeeping
5. Add the sample wallpaper (I used double sided tape to keep it in place)
6. Add the glass bumper pads to the corners (to keep the glass from sliding)
7. Place the glass on top



I recommend adding glass to furniture because it protects your work and it is easy to clean. Always make sure you ask the glass cutting place to round the edges.

Sometimes ideas will come to you even in the middle of your crafting process! Embrace it!


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