Friday, April 19, 2013

Hand Printed Design on Reclaimed Wood

Since I have several pieces of wood left over from my dad's old ping-pong table (check out Don't Toss That Old Ping-Pong Table), I discovered another use for the reclaimed wood...a painting of the profile of an elephant. Why not! It fits right in with the hundreds of other elephant-themed crafts that fill my room. Make the craft your own! You can mix and match - the wood does not have to be the same and you don't have to paint an elephant (or an animal).

What you need:
- Sand paper
- 4 pieces of reclaimed wood
- Paint
- Paint brush
- Hammer
- Nails
- Wood glue


1. Sand the wood to get a worn look
2. Lay the 3 pieces of wood next to each other (make sure the sides are touching)
3. Trace the animal on the wood
4. Paint over your tracings
5. Gently sand over the paint (once it dries) to get a worn look
6. Space out the wood as you desire (with the painting part face down)
7. Glue the 4th piece of wood to the back of the 3 pieces
8. Hammer nails into the front or back of the 3 pieces

I would like to try this craft again, but with four pieces of wood that are different colors and sizes. This is a trial and error craft. Take the time to plan out the design!

Happy crafting!


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