Friday, March 29, 2013

Don't Toss That Old Ping-Pong Table

Once part of a ping-pong table!
My father found what was left of his old ping-pong table hidden in the basement of my grandparent's home. Oh great, a giant piece of green wood, thanks dad. However, I did love the faded green color. It possessed a worn look that I could spend hours sanding and trying to achieve. With the help of a saw (and the strength of my father and brother), I suddenly had a collection of smaller pieces of wood and a developing idea of what to do with all of it. My cheapest project was soon invented. The wood would serve as signs with a painted quote, design, monogram, etc. The possibilities (and wood) were endless.

What you need:
- Your dad's old ping-pong table (or any old wood)
- Saw
- Sander
- Sand paper
- Pencil
- Thin paint brush
- Paint

1. Saw the wood into the desired size
2. Sand the edges to smooth any rough spots
3. Lightly draw the quote, design, monogram, etc. on the wood with a pencil
4. Paint over the outlined drawing
5. Let the paint dry
6. Lightly sand over the paint to create a more worn look

Doesn't get much easier/cheaper/simpler than that! My favorite sign was the one I made for my dad's sister, Susan (I'm sure she won a couple games on that ping-pong table). The sign reads, "Steamed Crabs Sold Here"; which was designed specifically for her rivah house.

"Oh Happy Day", "We're All Mad Here", & "Steamed Crabs Sold Here"

Dig through an old basement (gain permission first) and see if you can find any potential wooden signs!

Happy Sanding!



  1. I love the "we're all mad here" sign! Keep going with your great ideas!

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