Monday, March 25, 2013

Utilizing Childhood Toys

Lending me a trunk
For Christmas, my sister found her "crafty" thumb and handmade my gift. I love the present for many reasons: I am obsessed with elephants, I can actually use it, it was inexpensive to make, she made use of a childhood toy, and she made it herself (THANKS KATE!!!). Plastic animals are a classic children's toy. But did you ever think they could be used to hold your keys? Here's how...

What you need:
- Plastic toy animals (Kate used 2 elephants from Michaels)
- Saw 
- Spray paint (Kate used gold)
- Paint (Kate used a creamy white)
- Screws 
- Screwdriver
- Ruler
- Glue
- Wood plaque 

1. Saw the plastic toy animals in half
2. Spray paint the animals 
3. Paint the piece of wood
4. Measure out where you would like the animals to sit on the wood
5. Glue the animals on the wood
6. Screw the screw through the back of the wood into the center of the back of the animal (odd, but the best way I could put it)

After a run-in with the saw (ha...)

My roommate (HEY RANDY) made her own version of the craft (see below). I love the bright color wood with the shiny gold elephants. Also, do you notice how one elephant is different from the others? Another feature that I love. 

Randy's take on the craft
Back of the wood
Make it your own! Giraffes and lions would make cool key holders too. Maybe even the tail of an animal! The simplicity and uniqueness of this project make it a perfect gift, especially for a housewarming party.

Happy crafting!


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  1. Absolutely perfect and wonderful for you! You could sell these on etsy!!!!!