Monday, January 6, 2014

Mason Jar Wall Vase

Introducing a simple, yet adorable craft! This project was inspired by someone who loves mason jars and indoor plants. With very few supplies and steps, this craft is easy and useful. Use it to house a plant or to hold your toothbrush!

- Mason jar - I used a regular mouth half-pint jar
- Piece of wood - I still have leftovers from my dad's old ping-pong table!
- Sander
- Ruler
- Screws
- Screw driver
- Stainless steel hose clamp - comes in lots of different sizes. Can be found at local hardware store. Bring your mason jar with you to find the right size.

1. Sand the wood to your liking
2. Measure out where you would like the hose clamp and jar to lay on the wood
3. Align the clamp and jar
4. Use to screw driver to drill holes and to set the clamp in
5. Add plant or toothbrush

Mason Jars


Hose Clamps

Drilling holes

Sand the edges for a worn look

All it needs is a plant!

With the air plant!

This craft allows you to be very resourceful!
Good luck!

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